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2010 to do list:

While 2009 was a great year due to the European seal ban, we need to increase the pressure in 2010.t. The  2010 to do list  is:

Harb Seal Bill (Sponsored by IFAW)- Help pass a landmark bill that would make seal hunting illegal in Canada. Over 800 000 emails and letters are required. 

Not With my Tax Dollars (Sponsored by Humane Society International Canada ) - This petition is for Canadians. Sign a petition declaring that you do not want your tax dollars used to promote, endorse, or artificially prop up this disgusting industry.


Breaking News: May 6th 09 - Major Victory - Europe Bans Seal Pelts

This is the news that conservation groups and animal rights groups have been waiting for. The European Parliament has overwhelmingly approved the European Seal Bill which bans all imports of seal products into Europe. 550 votes were for the ban with only 49 against it. It is now illegal to import seal products within the European Union.

This is a most devastating blow to the seal hunt. Seal pelts are worth next to nothing at $14 Canadian which is less than half of their value last year.

The 2009 sealing season is nearly over and only 59 500 seal pelts were taken out of a quota of 280 000. Most sealers stayed home as the profit margins were too small. (The Seal hunt officially ends May 15th, 09)

With the ban  prices in 2010 will crash even further. 

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to ending this barbaric hunt. From letter writing, to protesting, to conservation groups such as The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, to IFAW, and the Animal Liberation Front. Together we have devastated this cruel industry..

If we keep applying pressure together we can end this once and for all.

News: March 4th 09

For the first time in Canadian history a Canadian politician is proposing a law to end the suffering of baby seals. 

Senator Harb consulted with IFAW on this critical legislation and now he has asked us to help flood Canada's Senate with messages of support.  Please help us reach 200,000 emails and letters in the next few weeks: one for every seal killed this year.

This is our chance to end the hunt forever.

Click Here to send email

News: January 22nd 09 - Amendments to the Seal Hunt - The Facts

2009 Canadian Seal Hunt:

The 2008 Canadian Seal hunt kill quota was 275 000. This is 5000 more seals than 2007s kill quota of 270 000. The 2009 kill quota has not yet been announced. From the upwards trend of past years we expect the figure to go up.

On December 28th, 2008 the department of Fisheries and Ocean released new amendments to the commercial seal hunt. Click here to view these changes and our response

Since 2003 over 1.7 million seals have been butchered. Seals are normally clubbed to death. If still alive, once a seal is clubbed it is skinned alive. Organizations that photograph, or film the hunt without government permission risk imprisonment in what is a huge propaganda and censorship campaign. In Canada the sealers are protected by the 'Seal Protection Regulations'  if you see a sealer club a seal pup and you don’t have a permit to witness the slaughter you can be arrested, jailed and fined up to $100,000 or sent to jail for a year.

What You can Do:
A Quick Checklist

1. Sign petitions urging the Canadian government to reconsider its stance on this senseless slaughter.  Click here to access our petitions page.   

2. Boycott all Canadian seafood. This is to apply economic pressure to Canada.

3. Learn more about Seals and consider donating or joining organizations that are rallying to end the seal hunt. These are good places to start:

Sea Shepherd (Most recommended)

WSPA  -  HSUSHarp Seals.org  -  IFAW

To learn about all of the various organizations, visit our charities page. 

4. Send letters to the following persons and indicate how displeased you are with this slaughter:

Prime Minister's Office
Right Honorable Stephen Harper
Office of the Prime Minister
80 Wellington St. Ottawa
Ontario, Canada K1A OA2
Fax: 613-941-6900
E-mail: [email protected]

The Hon. Loyola Hearn.
Minister of Fisheries and Oceans
House of Commons

Suite 648-S, Centre Block
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0A6
613-996-3085 or 613-992-3474
Fax: 613-996-6988
Email: [email protected]
Voice: 613-992-0927

5. If you have a blog or a webpage please update your website with the paragraph below. If enough people do this when someone does a search for one of the companies that are listed they will find our pages in the search engines. The paragraph has links to various pages with information on each company. The more people we have posting this the better.

'Please visit Canadian Seal Hunt to learn about how companies like Costco sell seal oil capsules. Also learn about these companies who manufacture products from dead baby seals: Prada, Pajar, GucciDolce & Gabbana, Birger Christensen, Versace, and Vogue Furriers. Also learn about why you should boycott these sea food restaurants Red Lobster, & Long John's Silvers.'

6. If you are interested in doing more please visit https://www.harpseals.org/help/index.html


7. Advertisers will donate money to IFAW every time you click on the link below and click onwards to the next page. (A maximum of one visit a day is counted)




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