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Sea Shepherd Attacked by Fishermen & With Legal Action:

It's been less than a week since the seal hunt commenced. During that period of time 4 sealers died when a disabled fishing trawler getting a tow from a coast guard vessel slammed into a piece of ice and capsized. 6 men were onboard the trawler, only 2 men were rescued. Some of the diseased occupants were sleeping.

Coast guard incompetence was the cause of death. Stricter regulations must be enforced when it comes to towing vessels in these icy conditions. Inquiries are still being made as to understand what happened in this horrible tragedy. What is clear is that while a trawler is being towed, the coast guard must keep a lookout at all times. Some of the sealers reported that there was a huge delay before the coast guard noticed that the trawler had capsized.

On March 30th, the seal hunt was suspended for a week to respect those who have died at sea.

Fast forward to April 4th, sealers are getting angry. These men are habituated to violence. As the Sea Shepherd ship docks to hand over live footage of the seal hunt to other animal right groups they attack.

Throwing rocks and wielding axes, these men are thirsty for blood. Luckily, the ship Farley Mowat as operated by the Sea Shepherd crew managed to leave dock on time before anyone was seriously injured. Unfortunately, the sealers did did manage to destroy the gangplank and cause some other minor damage. Below are some pictures:


As if that wasn't enough. The Canadian government has decided to file charges against the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society for allegedly getting too close to seal hunters. In other words they took pictures and live video footage of the hunt which is illegal in Canada without a proper permit. Conveniently enough permits were not issued to protest groups this year. 

This is the same government that has abandoned the search for the body of one of the fallen sealers after only 12 hours. The family of the fallen sealer deserves a proper burial. They need closure. But apparently this is not important enough to warrant the expenditure of additional time at sea to the government. But what is important enough is spending undisclosed amounts of funds to prevent leakage of the hunt to the press.





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