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Canadian Injustice:

Imagine living in a country where you need a permit to film animal cruelty. Where those who document this cruelty are subjected to being ridiculed and physically abused. Where those who are abused are fined even when they refuse to fight back. Imagine living somewhere where the police can take away your cameras. A place where those who attack you go unpunished while you face fines and imprisonment for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

This isn't Iran, China, Russia, North Korea, or other countries recognized for being secretive. This is none other than Canada. This is what those who document the Canadian Seal Hunt have to face every day.

Anyone who wishes to film, document, watch, or protest the hunt is required by law to purchase a permit. If anyone is caught filming the hunt without a permit they face prison time and hefty fines. Fines in the past have been $1000 per incident per protestor.

Permits are only given to those of whom the government views as not being a threat. The department of Fisheries and Oceans on numerous occasions has arrested protestors for violating regulations that prohibit them from approaching the hunt.

Now imagine if there was something called the 'Seal Protection Act' that was horribly misnamed and should have been called the sealers protection act. This act forbids non-sealers from approaching sealers who are engaged in sealing activities.

Now what happens if a sealer attacks a protestor?  The RCMP (The Canadian Police) will fine and imprison those who were assaulted instead of those who are assaulting. This has been caught on tape.

This abuse has occurred to numerous animal right groups such as IFAW, the Sea Shepherd Society, independent film makers, and the founder of Harp Seals.org. Many of the assaults have been caught on camera, and evidence has been presented to the RCMP. The RCMP has chosen to ignore this evidence. To view footage of one attack that was caught on tape click here.




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