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2006 Death Toll is 335 000:

The figures are in for the unsustainable 2006 seal massacre.  The quota to kill 335 000 baby seals has been reached. While these seals are not whitecoats, they are all under 3 months of age. The above numbers do not reflect how many seals slipped under the ice, or deaths that went unreported.

2006 was a difficult year. The conservative government proved itself as heartless as the former Liberal government. At the same time this year proved to be beneficial, as more people than ever before became aware of the seal hunt. Celebrities such as Pamela Anderson spoke out against the Canadian Government. There was a discussion on Larry King concerning the hunt. The media did it's job. 

Various organizations such as Ifaw, the WSPA, Harpseals.org, Sea Shepherd, and the Humane Society of the United States were vocal and attacked the hunt from many sides.

Some disappointments surfaced such as Costco choosing to profit from selling sealing products. Meanwhile some victories were reached such as Croatia banning the import of seal pelts. Croatia joined the ranks of Mexico, the United States, Greenland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and the United Kingdom. All these countries have recognized that the seal hunt is inhumane. It is due to groups such as Ifaw and the WSPA that these countries have recognized how barbaric this hunt is and we applaud these organizations.

While the hunt may be over for 2006, the kill quota for 2007 has not yet been announced. Unfortunately hunting isn't the exclusive problem that seals face. Bottom trawling, water pollution, and global warming is affecting all forms of ocean life. 

If we expect seals to survive we must take better care of our ecosystem.

We urge those who are concerned about animal welfare to learn more about various animal cruelty issues. 

  • Bear Farming - Thousands of bears across China, Korea, and Vietnam suffer every minute. Bears are confined in tiny cages unable to turn around or stand up. The bears are farmed for bear bile which is used in 'traditional medicines' It is unknown the total number of bears who suffer but in Vietnam alone over 3000 bears are 'farmed'.

  • Polar Bear Hunting - Canada continues to sell licenses to wealthy Americans. For $50 000 an American can visit Canada, shoot a bear, and get a picture.

  • Whaling - Japan, Iceland, and Norway have increased the quota of whales that they are planning on killing. Fins and Humpback whales are to be targeted. Japan claims that the killing is for scientific research and that it must sell the 'whale meat' as to use every part of the whale.

Of course there are many more abuses than the ones listed above, but if you are interested in ending animal cruelty it is a place to start. If you are interested in donating to worth while charities please visit our Organizations page.




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