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Organizations to Join:

There are many organizations that have pledged to fight this barbaric hunt. How they choose to do this is different based on the organization and its goals. Some like Sea Shepherd choose to film and intervene with the hunt itself. Others choose to apply pressure to restaurants and huge consumers of Canadian seafood such as Red Lobster and Costco. 

Sea Shepherd - Our most recommended organization. They actively enforce antiwhaling laws and are active in preventing sealing. This is the most effective of all organizations since they are more interested in preventing the killing than documenting it.

Humane Society of the United States - They are driving a boycott on all Canadian seafood. This is to apply economic pressure to Canada and specifically the seafood industry. There's also a pledge that is available here www.protectseals.org 

International Fund for Animal Welfare - An organization that works to improve animal welfare, prevent animal cruelty and abuse. One of their goals is to end the Canadian seal hunt. They specialize in bringing media and government officials from the world over to view the hunt firsthand. 

Harp Seals - An all volunteer organization that has one goal, to permanently end the seal hunt. They are spreading the word across the USA to boycott all Canadian sea food. Methods to achieve this include purchasing billboards in high traffic locations, buying bus shelter ads, and using other creative methods. A very committed group. 

WSPA - They work in cooperation with more than 400 member organizations in 90 countries to promote animal welfare and conservation. They are deeply opposed to the seal hunt. 




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