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Blog & Website Owners A New Way to Help:

We have a new way for blog and website owners to help. If you frequent message boards and you have permission to post then feel free to also post the paragraph below (But please do not spam)

The more websites/blogs/message boards that post the following paragraph the better. If enough people do this eventually when someone performs a search at google or yahoo for one of the companies that are listed they will locate our pages in the search engines. 

The benefit of this is that we inform people on why they should boycott the companies they were planning on giving business to.

The paragraph has links to various pages on our website. These pages have information and contact info for each company.

'Please visit Canadian Seal Hunt to learn about how companies like Costco sell seal oil capsules. Also learn about how these companies sell products from dead baby seals: Prada, Pajar, Gucci Dolce & Gabbana, Birger Christensen, Versace, and Vogue Furriers. Also learn about why you should boycott these sea food restaurants Red Lobster, & Long John's Silvers.'

We feel that this is a new way for you to help. This will apply economic pressure to companies who are dealing in seal products. It's unfortunate but economic pressure versus morality is what most corporations deal in. No company will want to have our pages come up first when someone looks up their company name. This will give them a bad image and this may force them to change their ways.



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